As states across the country reopen or expand foodservice operating parameters, it’s time to make sure your operation is prepared with the right tools to open doors safely and increase capacity swiftly.

There are and will be a whole new set of proper guidelines in place for social distancing and outdoor dining sanitation. Some small enhancements can make a big difference in your ability, capacity and profitability.

Our Paradigm member companies have a variety of solutions to assist in meeting these challenges and opportunities.  Here are some of our top recommendations for fast and easy enhancements that can improve virtually any foodservice operation for you, your employees and your customers:

Mobile Screens

This is a simple solution for enhancing social distance recommendations between tables. Available in frosted acrylic or clear glassboard, they are easy to wipe down during regular cleaning. They may reduce spacing requirements while also enhancing your décor.







Mobile Partitions

When your operation requires flexibility to handle larger crowds, events or more intimate dining, consider mobile partitions. Available in laminate, wood and metal finishes at a variety of price points, these can also be used to better separate tables. To best optimize your space, consider double sided designs.

Countertop Protective Shields

When you’re handling more take-away, these countertop shields offer installation and mount to any surface. Assorted sizes are available, and many ship in as few as 7 business days!




Hands Free Sinks & Sensor Faucets

Want to convert to hands free but don’t have power? Pair your hands free sink with a hydrogenerator for a no power, no batteries solution!




Door Openers

Open and close doors hands-free, reducing the need for extra handwashing and saving time. Ideal for walk-ins, service area doors, kitchen worktable doors and more.



Sanitizing Buckets

Use these color-coded buckets to eliminate confusion between cleaning and sanitizing containers. Purchase the stand separately to eliminate cross contamination by setting the bucket on the ground, then the table.



Sterilizer Cabinets

Use for sterilizing your kitchen knives, personal protective equipment including masks, and other small items.  Using UV-C light to sterilize, these units are 99.9% effective on most viruses and bacteria in under 4 minutes. Holds 12 knives or 8 masks.

Hand Wash Timer

Completely touchless function with a continuous 20 second countdown. Mounts easily to any surface and no activation requited. These are perfect to help everyone remember the optimum time for best handwashing practices.

Trash Receptacles

Nothing completes the look of beautiful outdoor furniture better than functional accessories. Choose the perfect receptacles and planters to compliment your look, enhance the ambiance and promote better sanitation.

Sanitizer Stand

These adjustable stands fit virtually any pump dispenser, and can go almost anywhere in your facility. Your employees and customers will appreciate this convenience.




Patio Furniture and Seating

Outdoor dining gives your operation and customers room to breathe by creating new capacity for you and more spacious, fresh-air seating options for your customers. Most options offer quick turn-around and fast delivery.

Infrared Thermometers

Non-contact and FDA certified with a 1 second response. Use to check employee temperature upon arrival.









Touchless Soap Dispensers

Accepts bulk hand sanitizers, lotion, and foam soap. Hybrid soap dispensers allow the option for a manual override when batteries are low.

Touchless Towel Dispensing

Don’t get trapped in an expensive paper contract.  Consider universal-size touchless dispensers to improve your buying power and keep your facilities stocked. Dispensers are fast, and very convenient with long battery life.

Get the Best Advice and Support

While these are among some of the most popular and most-requested items, our extended team from all our partner companies can assist with virtually any reopening need. They also have the benefit of working with operators across the country, and can share some best practices and ideas gained through their own experience.  Contact any of our Paradigm member companies for additional assistance.