Accomplished Chef Lance Corralez oversees all operations at Preferred Marketing Group’s 4,000 square foot Culinary Lab and Education Center. Preferred Marketing Group’s fully equipped, state-of-the-art facilities are host for menu development, equipment testing, time and motion studies and full-scale kitchen mock-ups. Paradigm recently had the opportunity to learn more about what passion and success mean to Chef Lance and the impact he brings to Preferred Marketing Group, and the Paradigm portfolio.

Q: What unique skills do you bring to Preferred Marketing Group?
A: I serve as a Business Development Manager and Culinary Operations Chef at the company’s headquarters in Chatsworth, CA. I have been cooking professionally for about 30 years and have been with Preferred Marketing Group a little over a year. With extensive, real-world experience at the corporate, chain level as well as high-end independent restaurants and country clubs, I bring a uniquely practical perspective to my role. My product expertise, enthusiasm for cooking and well developed teaching skills are a huge asset to the continued growth of our chain sales.

Q: How do you most like to utilize the Culinary Lab and Education Center?
A: We are able to offer end users live demonstrations, tips and tricks of the trade, and in-depth ideas on how to use the equipment they either own, or are thinking of purchasing. Challenging end users to take their equipment use to a whole other level is exciting to see and our lab presents a perfect environment to do so. Having this unique opportunity to expose the end user to the amazing technology in the kitchen to help create a magnificent menu is the driving factor for our lab. Testing and experimenting in the Culinary Lab helps build a consistent product experience as well as insight on time and money saving ideas. I also use the space for sales meetings and culinary events for our brand and manufacturers.

Q: You have so much passion as a Chef, where does that come from?
A: Teaching and my love of cooking are what motivates me! Keeping people excited about and engaged in this industry brings much gratification to what I do everyday. Sparking curiosity and encouraging others is a big part of who I am. I really like to push the needle, try new things and continuously innovate. This keeps me striving to be better, ultimately serving greater value to the brand and its customers.