Paradigm continues setting new standards, capitalizing on its three core pillars: Marketing, Training and Technology. Over the course of the year Paradigm and its member companies have been focused on taking each pillar to the next level. Here are a few highlights on the latest developments.

Paradigm’s goal is to be a World Class Marketing and Sales organization. We have explored a more effective way to market with Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing provides an opportunity for sales growth and increased channel power. Our focus is getting the right ideas in front of the right audience. We look forward to sharing more with you throughout this year as we evolve our digital strategy and put our ideas in motion.
Training and Education
We believe that training never ends! Continually building our team members makes us stronger, faster and more efficient selling machines. We have built a learning system that is readily accessible, easy to navigate and presents content in a clear and understandable way. With this foundation laid, we have the ability to develop courses that are specific to each Paradigm rep organization and brand. We look forward to partnering with you on future content.
The REV, our revolutionary sales and information platform. This system is designed to increase market share and drive revenue for manufacturers!
Through its key components – application, preparation and communication – The REV ultimately increases sales. Learn more by clicking here.

The 2019 NAFEM Show was time well spent for Paradigm and each Member Company. We were able to connect with customers and our respective product lines discovering the latest industry innovations, products and solutions.

During the show several of our alliance members received awards from foodservice manufacturers. Zink Foodservice was awarded Rep of the Year along with a Quota Buster award from two separate manufacturers.

The Redstone Group was recognized for high achievements including Rep of the Year from Welbilt, Sales Performance of the Year from Garland and Delfield, along with Sales Goal Achievement from another manufacturer.

Chris Kannawin, a sales associate from The Redstone Group, was individually awarded Sales Rep of the Year from Welbilt. Chris is truly making an impact in this organization.

Kain McArthur was recognized with a Welbilt Sales Performance Award for Lincoln Rep of the Year. Congratulations to all of our PMC’s on their accomplishments that were recognized at The NAFEM Show!

As you can see, Paradigm offers a competitive advantage to make you and our manufacturer partners more successful. For more in-depth information on Paradigm’s strategic initiatives and the value we bring to the industry, connect with us today.