Being Engaged, Being Available & Bringing Value
Matt Swain, Kain McArthur

Matt Swain, Vice President and Partner at Kain McArthur, is not only an active leader within his company but also in the foodservice industry. We recently sat down with Matt and learned more about his approach to being engaged, being available and bringing value to the manufacturers Kain McArthur represents.

What is your role at Kain McArthur?
As Vice President, I have specific accounts that I manage and I also help with all day to day functions within the company. These include things like training, mentoring of inside and outside sales people, marketing, HR … really all facets of our business.

Since becoming partners with Kelly McArthur in 2005 we have collaborated on all major decisions regarding the direction and growth of our company. Kelly and I make a great team and respect each other greatly.

You’re a Certified Food Service Professional. Why? What does it mean to you?
When I started to purse the CFSP certification it was because it was a requirement of a factory that we represent. But once I began I became intrigued and I decided to completed the highest certification level. I saw the education as a chance to raise my level of professionalism in our industry, gain more knowledge that I can share with the Kain McArthur team and be more valuable to our customers.

Please tell us about the Rep Councils you are on?
I am currently on two manufacturers’ Rep Councils. I enjoy these councils because I like meeting and joining forces with other reps across the country and getting to know the people at the factories more personally. We discuss strategy, competition in the market and we bring new, forward-thinking ideas to the table. This collaboration process is inspiring and I appreciate learning from my peers and my factories.

Why do you choose to be so actively involved?
Over my 20-year career I’ve been able to be involved with various Rep Councils and been a factory Brand Champion. Engaging in these ways provides an opportunity to dig deeper, learn more about the products and become an expert. It also allows me to be involved in discussions about new products and what our competition is doing. I believe in making myself available to our factories, helping with focus groups and communicating what I learn and see in the market.

Should foodservice professionals should get involved with Rep Councils?
Absolutely, in fact I highly encourage it. Rep Councils are important because they give you an opportunity for exposure and access to relationships and knowledge outside of your daily responsibilities and territory. I have made relationships and learned from many great reps and factory professionals that have definitely impacted my career in a positive way.

Matt Swain and his dedication to the foodservice industry and factories is yet another example of how with Kain McArthur, you can trust you’re getting top level Education, Service, Commitment and Proven Performance.

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