Paradigm alliance member Preferred Marketing Group is putting a fire under the way they bring training and live demos to the customer. Introducing the mobile, live fuel culinary lab. This full-service training and education vehicle can be customized with specific brands for end-users and customers based on their type of training or tasting event.
Industry-leading brands will be loaded up and brought directly to your door by Preferred Marketing Group. Experience a whole new level of live demos to spark curiosity.

Preferred Marketing Group is rolling out their “I’m Hot” campaign alongside the mobile lab to highlight their representation of the hottest manufacturers in the industry.

Together with first-class brands, Preferred Marketing Group is fueling the foodservice industry with cutting-edge ideas, enabling operators to choose the right equipment to solve kitchen challenges.

“With the everyday demands of foodservice operations, everyone is pinched for time. This mobile lab allows us to demonstrate and educate on location, bringing the experience directly to them,” says Jeff Couch, principal of Preferred Marketing Group. “In addition to the mobile kitchen, we also tailor our items making it a very unique, customized experience.”

Preferred Marketing Group is the “Authority in Live Fuel Cooking” and adds yet another innovative resource to the Paradigm portfolio.
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